The goal of the ALBION Goalkeeping Program is to create the best goalkeeping program in Southern California and across the USA. Within this program we are looking for each goalkeeper to receive the appropriate training and the individual attention that they need to develop.
Goalkeepers (GK’s) in this program will receive many benefits to help in their development both on and off the training field. Each GK will have full access to our GK staff and goalkeeping coaching each week plus the attention off the field. ALBION has built a reputation for producing top GK’s and pushing them into college and national team. All of our GK’s become well trained and have a strong identity. We are here to fully support this player and the positional development.

In order to reach these goals, the GK’s will need to have serious commitment to the program and want to become the best they can be. The position is very specialized and will require the dedication needed on all sides.